Kea Basin

Thoughts on this gallery

  • Lisa He

    on April 21, 2019

    Hi Pete! Great photos :) We are considering going up Kea Basin as well and had a few questions for you. Are the two photos above with the captions "A nice look to the northeast" and "A look into the north branch of Hunter Creek" taken from Kea Basin or higher up? And was there an obvious trail to 1700m or did you have a guidebook and how long did it take you to reach that 1700m from the Biv? Thank you!

  • Wayne Daglish

    on September 23, 2016

    great work, looking forward to more of yr trip reports. Love the plastic chair at Kea Rock Bivvy. Totally magnificent and majestic mountain views. Rees Valley reminded me of tramps too long ago. Thx for sharing